What Is the Right Age to Start Using a Menstrual Cup?

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Menstrual cup is an organic product made of medical silicone. It fits the vaginal orifice and allows users to collect the menstrual fluids during periods. The makers understand the requirements of early users or teenager girls and have designed this product to fit the users of that age group. Gynecologists suggest that the right age to start using a menstrual cup is 15.

How Menstrual Cup Helps Teenagers

Menstrual cup is a handy solution that can help teenager girls manage the periods comfortably. They can stay confident of staying outdoors without much hassles. The cup can be vacated and reused, thus, the disposal never poses an issue.

Explained here are a few of the top features of menstrual cup that suits the young girls’ requirements.

  1. Easy to use: You can find instructions on how to insert a menstrual cup for beginners easily on the product wrapper itself. This product can be used without any assistance, a convenient feature that allows using it in complete privacy.

The users can wash it with plain water for the first time use, and then, thrust it upwards gently. The cup adjusts itself to the vaginal cavity as the medical silicone material enables taking up the shape of the site of application.

So, when you have learned how to insert a menstrual cup for beginners, you may take a little practice before start using it on the intended day.

  • Skin-friendly material: The users may feel a bit apprehensive about using something new. But, with the menstrual cup, they can stay relaxed. It is made of medical silicone that does not interfere with the internal environment of the human body. The adjustment to the cup becomes easier as a result.

Since the material is quite soft and safe, the users can adjust to it easily. Also, it requires little practice. Just sit in a comfortable position in which you can reach your private part easily and press the cup upwards. It is all you need to do to start using the product.

  • Easily available online: You can find the menstrual cup online. It is easily available at the online outlets of the makers like Shecup that specialize in the organic cups for periods.

The availability of menstrual cup online makes it easier for the young girls to shop for it from homes, or using their mobile phones. They need not go all the way to offline outlets to stock up their menstrual hygiene kit. Most importantly, the users can select the product at leisure. Further, a single purchase can provide them with solutions for a longer period as it is not to be disposed of after one use. The cleaning process is simple and can be complete in washrooms easily.


Try to get accustomed to menstrual cups as these are good for not only the user but also for the planet. Learn all about its use and be a responsible menstrual hygiene maintenance expert that you should be. Shop online and get your kit today.

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