Shecup Features

Do you feel uncomfortable, unhygienic, and maybe even dirty during your period?

Do you wear a pad or a tampon and wait for the period to pass?

The period does not have to be a full stop to your regular lifestyle. You don’t have to accept checking for stains as normal. You can still plunge in the pool or indulge in a game of tennis if you feel like it. Shecup makes the period what it is-not a full stop-but a transition to the next cycle of life, fertility, and health!

A Shecup or a menstrual cup is a more hygienic, convenient and comfortable alternative to sanitary pads and tampons. Recommended by gynecologists the world over, Shecup is an easy to maintain product that is eco-friendly and perfectly fits into the present day lifestyle of every woman.

Shecup is a one-time-buy and it makes a life-changing and long-lasting gift for your female friends.



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