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1- HEALTH Shecup is a healthy and safe option

  • Shecup is an 100% Indian reusable menstrual cup made for n health grade non-toxic non-allergic silicone, hence there is no risk of infections or vaginitis
  • The silicone in the reusable menstrual cup is flexible and smooth thus there are no problems of rashes, irritation, allergies, and fungal infection
  • Shecup is a passive product, it only collects the menstrual flow and does not interfere with the natural normal functioning and cleaning process of the vagina
  • Shecup can be worn for long hours without any health hazards like TSS
  • Shecup (reusable menstrual cup) is the only menstrual sanitary protection which can be sterilized
  • As one of the most trusted, reusable menstrual cups, Shecup has been tested to comply with the most stringent international norms for the following:

1. Acute System Toxicity  2. Intracutaneous Toxicity  3. Implantation Test

2- HYGIENE Shecup makes you feel clean

Unlike other menstrual hygiene products, an organic reusable menstrual cup is relatively more hygienic. Sanitary pads and tampons possess the risk of bacterial infections or irritation and rashes in the intimate area. However, when you opt for an organic reusable menstrual cup India, you can switch to a more hygienic alternative. Organic reusable menstrual cups are sterilized, vividly washed, and stored in a breathable cotton bag, so you don’t have to worry about infections.

  • Since Shecup (reusable menstrual cup) is made of silicone it can be sterilized, making it completely hygienic
  • Since the reusable period cup catches the menstrual fluid inside the cervix, there is no foul odor and feeling of wetness
  • Shecup wipes are provided with the reusable period cup to clean and sanitize the reusable period cup before and after usage

3- CONVENIENCE Shecup is convenient and easy to use

Organic reusable period cups are relatively more convenient to use than sanitary pads or tampons. They can prevent leakage for about 12 hours, and you can do many activities like swimming, etc. that you cannot do with any other menstrual hygiene product.

  • With a reusable period cup there is no inconvenience of carrying or storing bulky products or disposing of used ones
  • It can be worn for 12 hours or more without any problems, as it can hold up to a quarter of the average monthly menstrual flow. (The usage time will vary in case of women with the heavy flow)
  • The reusable period cup can be worn safely at night

4- COMFORT Shecup is soft and comfortable

Women absolutely loathe it when their menstrual hygiene products slip or slide. Well, thankfully, an organic reusable period cup won’t cause that dilemma. It stays put once you insert it properly, and once you get the hang of a Shecup, there is no turning back.

  • Shecup (reusable period cup) leaves no room for any leakage and hence no risk of stains
  • The female sanitary cups allow the user to wear the clothes as desired and also is suitable for nudist settings since worn inside the body
  • In addition, the female sanitary cup also allows the user to take up extreme physical activities such as swimming as it is non-absorbent

5- ECONOMY Shecup helps you save money

Instead of buying sanitary products every month before your cycle, you can always get an female sanitary cup India that can last for about 10 years. An organic menstrual cup India can save you a lot of money in the long run and you can simply forget the embarrassment of going to the brick and mortar stores for buying period products.

  • Shecup is one of Asia’s first durable, female sanitary cup brands, and permits long-time use, considerably reducing the recurring costs to consumers
  • The average monthly spend on sanitary protection is about INR 60 which means average annual spend of INR 720
  • Cost of Shecup can be recovered almost in the first year of usage

6- ECO-FRIENDLY Shecup protects not just you but also the environment

Investing in an organic menstrual cup India is sustainable and eco-friendly. Instead of using disposable sanitary products, when you use a female sanitary cup, you can save the environment from the wrath of landfill waste and non-biodegradable packaging that is used to pack the sanitary pads.

  • On average, a woman uses 10,000 – 12,000 pads/tampons in her lifetime
  • 12,000 pads mean approximately 250 cubic feet of landfill
  • Blocked Sewage (72% Globally)
  • Commercial sanitary pads are non-biodegradable. Unlike a female sanitary cup, they take hundreds of years to decompose while burning them releases toxic gases into the atmosphere
  • The manufacturing process of pads/tampons adds to pollution and also results in the depletion of natural resources like wood
  • The manufacturing process for a female sanitary cup, like Shecup, is simpler than that of other commercial menstrual sanitary products and is thereby less harmful to the environment
  • As a sustainable female sanitary cup, Shecup is reusable and recyclable, reducing consumption and waste

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