How to Insert a Menstrual Cup?

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How to Insert a Menstrual Cup?

Every woman who has ever laid eyes on a period cup for the first time would have thought about how to wear a menstrual cup. If you are one of them and ready to dive into the practice part, then here’s a guide on how to insert a menstrual cup. Read on to find out what is a menstrual cup, how it works and how to insert a menstrual cup.

What is a menstrual cup and how it works?

There are many queries surrounding “menstrual cup insert” or “menstrual cup how to insert”, but some women also have their own confusion about what is a menstrual cup. To describe a reusable period cup for you, let’s consider this simple analogy:

Imagine a menstrual cup as a personal rain barrel for your monthly cycle. Just like a rain barrel collects and stores rainwater for later use, a menstrual cup collects and holds your menstrual flow until you are ready to empty it. After you figure out ways to a menstrual cup insert, the cup can act as a little reservoir within your body. When you insert it, the cup forms a secure seal, acting as a protective container for your menstrual blood. Instead of the blood being absorbed like a sponge (as with tampons) or absorbed on a surface (like pads), the cup collects it. Once the cup is full and you understand how to remove the cup, or menstrual cup how to insert it, you remove it, pour out the contents into the toilet, give it a quick rinse and it’s ready for your next cycle.

Why Menstrual Cups?

Did you know India’s landfills add 113k tonnes of menstrual waste every year?

Sanitary pads and tampons might be convenient for you, but they are a peril to the environment. Do you know most of the pads or tampons you dispose of either pile up in the landfills or go to the ocean beds where they harm marine life atrociously? The solution is going sustainable and menstrual cups perfectly do that. Once you figure out a menstrual cup and how to insert it, there’s always room for doing the right thing.

You can opt for an environmentally-conscious alternative. Although sooner or later cups have to be disposed of, they last for at least 2 years, reducing the environmental impact drastically. Some women also dread the sight of a cup because they think cups are uncomfortable. On the contrary, they are more comfortable than pads or tampons that slip or slide. Cups can prevent leakage for longer hours, and unlike tampons, the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome with cups is relatively low.

Menstrual Cups to eliminate period poverty

The fact that most women don’t know how to insert a period cup is still disheartening. Why? Because cups can play a substantial role in eradicating period poverty in India. According to the National Family Health Survey of 2015-2016, only 36 per cent of women use sanitary pads in India. Let us tell you the numbers have gotten better, but it hasn’t reached even half of the menstruating population in India. What do the rest of the women do then? How do they manage their periods?

The answer might shock your senses. Even today in the 21st century where some women are unaware of what is a period cup or how to fold a menstrual cup, some women still use old rags, ashes and whatnot to stop leakage during their periods. NGOs and government organisations distribute disposable sanitary products because menstrual cups are never an option. The lack of awareness about menstrual cups or how to insert a period cup is the root of period poverty in India.

Pick the Right Menstrual Cup Size

For one, you need to buy a period cup. This task could seem intimidating given the wide range of sizes and designs available for menstrual cups. Look online or at your neighbourhood drugstore to find out what possibilities are available to you. For persons of different ages and stages of life, several menstrual cup vendors provide various sizes. Note that the size of menstrual cups is just a gimmick and you can get a flexible period cup that is a one-size-fits-all solution to your problem.

How to Insert a Menstrual Cup?

• It’s crucial to clean your menstrual cup before using it for the first time and after every period. Simply grab a pot, place the menstrual cup inside, add water till the menstrual cup isn’t touching the bottom of the pot, and place the pot on the heat. The menstruation cup only needs to be boiled for five minutes. The menstruation cup should be taken out of the pot and allowed to cool completely before use.

• The next thing you need to do is fold your cup. If you are wondering how to fold menstrual cup, there are several ways to fold a cup. You can try the C-fold otherwise known as the U-fold or Half Fold or the pushdown fold. Both of these are easy and quite effective if you are a beginner inserting the menstrual cup for the first time.

• The next thing you need to do is find a comfortable position. Try standing, squatting, or sitting on the toilet. With one hand holding the folded menstrual cup, part your labia with the other. To use a period cup, find the opening in your vagina and slowly insert it toward your tailbone. Ensure to keep the fold intact while you are inserting the cup.

• Push the menstrual cup from the base of the cup until you are unable to hold it folded any longer. Let it “pop” open inside your vagina. The menstrual cup should be carefully pushed down until the stem is hidden inside your vaginal entrance. Avoid pushing the menstrual cup down so much that you can’t grasp the stem.

• Once you have inserted the cup successfully you need to twist the cup to ensure that it’s securely sealed. To have a perfect rotation grab the cup by the base. Don’t use the stem and using the base give your cup one full rotation.


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