How to Remove a Menstrual Cup

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How to Remove a Menstrual Cup- Solving The Real Dilemma?

Try to find a menstrual cup at your regular store. Well, you would get almost everything except the one thing you are searching for a decent reusable period cup. Why? Because people don’t know what it is, how it works, how to insert it or the ways of removing a menstrual cup. At Shecup, we are advocates of a sustainable period management method. We respect the period warriors, and as innovators in our industry, we have always worked to push the boundaries of conventional period management ways for menstruators and introduce new ways like a period cup.

Most women are confused about removing a menstrual cup or inserting it. Let’s dive into how to remove a cup first before you try inserting it.

A Step-By-Step Guide On Removing a Menstrual Cup

Although menstrual cups have become a comfortable way to get leak-free protection during the periods, many women circle the web for queries regarding how to insert and remove a menstrual cup. Before sticking your fingers into your vagina, thoroughly wash your hands with soap. Put yourself in a comfortable position after they are clean. Sitting on the toilet or squatting may help. Insert your index finger and thumb until you can feel the base of your menstrual cup. If your cup has a stem, you might need to gently take it out to get to the base. Pinch the base once you can feel it to release the seal. Then, while continuing to grasp the base to prevent spills and make the process more comfortable, carefully draw down until the cup is removed.

Tips for Safely Removing Your Menstrual Cup

If you still have any doubts about removing a menstrual cup, here are some pointers that can help:

• Before your period begins, practise putting in and taking out your cup a few times per week while you are in the shower. When you do get your period, this will ease the transition.

• Relax and be comfortable because being tense makes the removal only tougher. A relaxed body often does the trick of releasing the rest of your body and pelvic floor muscles which makes it easier for you to remove the cup. Don’t be anxious about doing it wrong or spilling the menstrual fluid when first learning because you need time to get the hang of the process.

• By briefly pressing or squeezing the cup’s base with your thumb and index finger, you can break the suction seal. The suction seal will be broken or released, and the cup will “dent” as a result. As the seal is opened, you might hear a suction sound. One of the most crucial tasks, yet one that is frequently skipped. Leaking is less likely when the cup creates a suction seal with the vaginal walls.

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Note That Practice Is the Key to Perfection

For some people, removing a menstrual cup is the trickiest part of using a period cup. However, note that with time it gets easier. Just ensure to wash your hands with mild soap thoroughly before removing your cup and clean the cup properly after you remove it, so it’s ready for your next usage.

Need more tips about removing a menstrual cup or how to remove a period cup? Reach out to the professionals at Shecup now, or visit your gynaecologist to find out how cups work.

Menstrual Cups and Public Health: Implications for Menstrual Hygiene Management

Menstrual cups are reusable and have a lifespan of several years, making them a cost-effective option compared to disposable menstrual products. This affordability can greatly benefit individuals who face financial constraints, ensuring that they have access to a reliable and sustainable menstrual hygiene solution. In low-income communities and resource-limited settings, where access to sanitary products may be limited, menstrual cups can help bridge the gap and promote better menstrual hygiene practices.

If you have established a clear idea about how to remove a menstrual cup or how to remove a period cup, understand that managing your periods with menstrual cups in a public space won’t be the same. Let’s explore the implications of menstrual cups for public health and menstrual hygiene management.

Prior Preparation

Before venturing out in public with a menstrual cup, ensure that you are well-prepared. Start by thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the cup with mild soap and water. Rinse it properly to remove any residue. If you have access to a private bathroom insert the cup before leaving home.

Timing and Emptying

Understanding your menstrual flow pattern is essential for managing your cup in public spaces. On lighter flow days, the cup can be worn for up to 12 hours without emptying. However, on heavier flow days, you may need to empty it more frequently, typically every 4-8 hours. When you have to empty the cup in a public space after the menstrual cup removal, try to find a restroom with private stalls or individual cubicles. This offers more privacy and ease of use. Empty the cup, rinse it with water if possible, and reinsert it following the manufacturer’s instructions. If there are no private stalls available, you can consider using a single-use wet wipe or a bottle of water to clean the cup over the toilet before reinserting it.

Discretion and Carrying Supplies

Carrying a small bag or pouch specifically designed for menstrual cup storage can help maintain discretion. Opt for a discreet and compact breathable bag that easily fits into your purse or backpack. These breathable bags keep the cup clean, hygienic, and inconspicuous until you have access to a private space for cleaning. In addition, carry extra supplies for any unexpected leakages.


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