What is the use of a menstrual shecup?

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What is the use of a menstrual shecup?

So many women fall into the vicious loop of wondering what is the use of menstrual cups. Why?Because they think disposable period products are better. While disposable pads and tampons are convenient, menstrual cups have tons of benefits that most menstruators donít see. But before we dive into what is the use of a menstrual cup, letís find out what a menstrual cup is.

A brief overview of menstrual shecup?

If we are talking on the ground level, a menstrual cup can be defined as a reusable feminine hygiene product that women can insert into their vaginas for collecting period fluid. Menstrual cups are flexible, small, funnel-shaped sanitary hygiene products that women can wear for up to 8-12 hours depending on their flow. Usually made from medical-grade silicone, menstrual have tons of benefits over conventional feminine hygiene products. Wondering what are they and what are the perks of switching to a menstrual cup? Letís dive into the details to find out!

Why menstrual shecup?

They are sustainable

What do you think where do your pads and tampons go? They are a threat to marine life and landfills piling up atrociously on the face of the Earth. When you switch to period cups, you make an eco-conscious move. Cheaper cups made out of hybrid silicone and rubber start flaking and peeling in 2 yearsí time and need replacement; Shecup is made out of high quality health grade silicone and lasts at least up to 10 years if used correctly. Shecup is a onetime buy life time use product.

They are convenient

How many women can raise their hands and say that they hate when pads slip or slide? Well, the answer is everyone. Anyone who has ever used a pad probably already hates them because they arenít comfortable or convenient at all. If you are terrified of leakages, you cannot wear a pad for prolonged hours and tampons put you at risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. On the other hand, menstrual cups are convenient, they donít slip or slide and you can wear them longer than you can wear any other feminine hygiene product.

Free from toxins and bleaches

Unlike pads and tampons that have bleaching agents and toxins in them, menstrual cups are made from medical-grade silicone that doesnít alter the pH of your intimate area. They are skin-friendly and once you clean them, they are ready for your next cycle.


How to use

Wash your hands well and sterilize the cup in boiling water for 20 seconds.

Fold your cup, choose from a variety of folds and experiment to find which one is perfect for you

Insert the cup and check whether if the cup has formed a seal inside. Be worry free for up 12 hours now.

Remove your cup, wash it, and sterilize at the end of your cycle, place it back in the khadi bag. Store the organic menstrual cup safely till your next cycle.

Check out how shecup compares with other brands!

Shecup- The sustainable alternative over disposable period products

Now that you know what is the use of a menstrual cup, you might be searching for one that ticks all the boxes for you. In case you have been searching for one, Shecup can be your one-stop solution. Made from medical-grade silicone, the product is an amazing way to manage your period while not contributing to landfill waste. You can wear it for long hours and the best part is the brand is trusted by many women across the globe.

Want to ditch your period woes? Switch to Shecup now!


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Exceeded my expectations, never going back to life before the cup!


One of the beat decisions i made in life. No more feeling uncomfortable due to pads and changing every 2 hrs on heavy days.


I didn’t feel my period for the very first time! Would highly recommend Shecup.

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