Acceptability and Feasibility of Using Vaginal Cups

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Acceptability and Feasibility of Using Vaginal Cups

Although vaginal cups are no new concept, they are still one of the most understated products in the feminine hygiene landscape. Shecup aims to change this and with our silky cups made from non-allergenic, non-toxic health-grade silicone, the acceptability and feasibility of using vaginal cups are also reforming.

The Acceptability Factor

If you talk about why vaginal cups are not accepted just like any other mainstream disposable menstrual hygiene product, the reason is taboo. Most menstruators don’t like the idea of new and switching from a convenient, slipping and leak-prone pad or a highly-infection-prone tampon to a silky cup seems easy. Well, vaginal cups are extremely easy to use once you get the hang of these amazing products after a few uses.

Another reason why cups are not accepted among mainstream period products is that they collect period fluid instead of absorbing it. Most women simply refrain from the idea of reusing something for their period again which is a substantial dilemma for the environment. Instead silky cups are sustainable for the environment and the best part is they don’t contain BPA or any other toxins that can irritate your intimate area.

The Feasibility Factor

Undoubtedly the acceptability of silky cups is something we are still working on, but Shecup is more than a feasible option for those who want to make their periods easier. Why? Let’s see!

• Period poverty is a thing affecting millions of women across the globe. In fact, after the pandemic, 58% of women claimed they had relatively lesser money to buy disposable period products. Remember when we said earlier that you could prevent a lot of disposable feminine hygiene items from going into landfills? Consider the purchase price of each of these items as well. A vaginal cup is undoubtedly helpful when compared to the 270 disposable pads or tampons that a person typically purchases for their period each year. Your wallet would immensely appreciate it.

• Vaginal cups are typically better for your body than tampons after a close comparison. They don’t contain the hazardous substances or bleaches that some tampons do, to start with. Your vagina’s natural pH is not affected by the medical-grade silicone, keeping a healthy environment inside. Second, unlike a tampon, a period cup’s smooth texture prevents fibre shedding. Tampon insertion and removal from the vagina can result in fibre shedding, which can result in loose fibres being left behind. Vaginal dryness and even infection may result from this. Third, wearing a silky cup carries a modest risk of developing Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

• If you experience heavy flow more often than usual during your periods, a silky cup can be a great idea. A vaginal cup pops open when properly put into the vagina to form a seal that prevents your flow from seeping out. The two things that guarantee a leak-free period are using a cup from a trusted brand and understanding how to insert and remove your menstrual cup. There may be a blockage of the suction apertures at the top of the cup, which would also cause leaks.

Searching for a vaginal cup excelling in both acceptability as well as feasibility? Get a Shecup now!

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Exceeded my expectations, never going back to life before the cup!


One of the beat decisions i made in life. No more feeling uncomfortable due to pads and changing every 2 hrs on heavy days.


I didn’t feel my period for the very first time! Would highly recommend Shecup.

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