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Shecup - The Best Menstrual Cup Brand in India

Designed by the best in the industry Shecup is for every woman who wants to be comfortable and effortless during her periods. The menstrual cup is reusable, washable and made with medical-grade silicone free from any toxic chemicals or BPA. The long-term cup offers a slip-free grip for easy insertion and removal and as one of the best menstrual cups, Shecup offers you 8-12 hours of leak-free experience depending on your flow.

Zero Waste Feminine Hygiene Product

Pads and tampons are filled with bleaches, toxins and other chemicals that not just irritate your skin, but are also a serious environmental hazard. When your disposable feminine hygiene products go into the landfill or end up in the ocean, they are a threat to both marine and human life. However, with a menstrual cup from Shecup, you can embrace the eco-aware way of period management while bidding away uncalled leakages and odour.

Perks of Moving to Menstrual Cups from The Disposable Feminine Hygiene Products

Your Days Become Easier

A menstrual cup can hold up to two to three times as much as a large pad or a tampon. You spend less time in restrooms and more time with the rest of the things in your life. Once you’ve gotten the hang of using it, you won’t even notice it, feeling comfortable and free to carry on with your day and your favourite hobbies. In addition, you can also indulge in your favourite activities or even sports like swimming when you are on your period without worrying about the strings, flaps or leaks.

Good for The Environment

Believe it or not, silicone menstrual cups are a boon for the environment. Since a menstrual cup can last for up to 10 years, you save the planet up to 2,700 disposable products. Think about the gigantic load of plastic applicators and wrappers that come with using pads or tampons. Buying a menstrual cup that you can use for every period for 10 years equates to having a zero waste period and positively impacting the environment. If you switch from disposables to a silicone menstrual cup, your period nearly becomes zero waste after one or two menstrual cycles because the environmental effect of a period cup is smaller than around 20 disposable feminine hygiene products.


Most women aren’t sure about menstrual cups because they think using them is rocket science. Believe us when we say this, once you learn ways to correctly insert and remove your cup, you don’t even have to think about it twice and it will become more like an instinct for you.

Check out how Shecup compares with other brands!

What Makes Shecup the Best Option for You?

If you know enough about menstrual cups now, it’s high time you get a Shecup for your next period. Known as one of the best menstrual cups in India, Shecup is a doctor-endorsed, certified brand. It offers period protection for more than 8 hours and you can rest assured about the quality of the product. The silicone menstrual cup from Shecup doesn’t disturb the healthy pH of your intimate area and you can effortlessly wear it for prolonged hours without the fear of TSS.

So, did you buy a Shecup yet?


Here's what our customers say
about their experience


Exceeded my expectations, never going back to life before the cup!


One of the beat decisions i made in life. No more feeling uncomfortable due to pads and changing every 2 hrs on heavy days.


I didn’t feel my period for the very first time! Would highly recommend Shecup.

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