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 by Dr. Mamta parihar

I was just over the moon after using shecup and continuously using the same cup from last 5 years and since then, I got so much interested in the issue which women are facing during menstruation so that even, I've chosen menstrual cup vs conventional methods as my PhD research topic. Truely speaking each and every girl or women must give it a try in her life. If anyone who is interested in becoming a part of my research study or needed any other clarification regarding how to use She cup please feel free to mail me.

 by Pooja Agarwal

I have been using She Cup for a couple of months now and I find it extremely easy to use. The satisfaction of using an eco friendly alternative is added benefit. Much recommended.

 by Shweta Kunte

Been using menstrual cup from shecup since an year and they work wonders. Ordered again from their website for a friend and customized the package with a note. Thanks to shecup!

 by Ruby Gupta

I am having the best time of my life...none of my day to day activities take a back seat- even swimming.. can u imagine - swimming during periods but yes with shecup it is possible. I no more bother about my periods...

 by Akhila Balasubramaniam

I've been using shecup for two years now and it's truly changed my period experience. I can't imagine going back to pads again. It's such a blessing that I've gotten used to now.

 by Manasi Karandikar

Best thing that happened to me was getting introduced to this product.
Have been using it since 4 years now and never looked back to resorting to old options single time. Totally happy !

 by Manoramya Balachandran

Great experience! Comfortable.. 100 percent safe and more than happy! Wish I got to use this long back

 by Kinjal Vora

This has been the best thing that has happened to me when it comes to periods... 🙂
I had used tampons before as well but this one just seems so much more better and hygienic.

 by Sumi Mathew

I had an on going problems with menstrual pads...any brand, uncomfortable, restraining, and embarrassing ...and then I found shecup. It has changed my life... I have been using it since 2011. I found it so liberating and so happy with it that I spread the info regarding it among my friends, family and colleagues and they thank me for introducing them to Shecup and making those difficult days a song. All my women colleagues at my college are using it. Our Bathrooms are free of dirty, smelling, soiled and unsightly pads.
I do not miss out anymore, of dancing in the rain or swimming just because I am having periods.
It's truely amazing, It has been a boon to me...I can go on and on about it...
Thank you Shecup..

 by Chandrika Jain

Its been 3yrs now.... And shecup has made my periods go really comfortable.... No issues at all.... No drawbacks..... Only happy periods.... 😍

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