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Shecup L (L = Longer Stem) – Recommended for New Users

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Description: Shecup L (Longer stem for better grip) is a soft menstrual cup with long stem. It is made of High Quality Health Grade Silicone, Perfectly designed to suit women bodies at different Menstruating ages. The menstrual cup long stem is for better grip recommended for beginners. As one of the most trusted menstrual cup with long stem in India, Shecup is certified by the US pharmacopeia and are Recommended by Senior Gynaecologists.

✓ Health grade silicone menstrual cup with long stem – Shecup L (longer stem recommended for new users) US Pharmacopeia Certified

✓ The menstrual cup with long stem is Endorsed by Sr. Gynacelogists

✓ The menstrual cup with long stem is both High and Low Cervix Compatible

✓ The menstrual cup with long stem can be used Pre and Post Maternity (with C section)

✓ The menstrual cup with long stem is hygienic, Non-Toxic, Easy and safe to use

✓ As a reliable menstrual cup long stem, the cup can be sterilized

✓ Khadhi Cloth Bag, Shecup wipes and Instruction booklet

✓ The menstrual cup long stem is made from 100% High Quality Health Grade Silicone and Food grade dye

Key Benefits

The menstrual cup long stem has a myriad of benefits. Some of the most well-known benefits of menstrual cup with long stem in India are listed as follows:

● The menstrual cup long stem can be inserted easily

● The menstrual cup long stem is relatively easy to remove

● As compared to other menstrual cups, the menstrual cup with long stem in India is more convenient to wear and it doesn’t cause irritation.

● The menstrual cup with long stem in India is sustainable and reusable

● In addition unlike other insertable period products, the menstrual cup with long stem in India doesn’t possess the risk of infection or rashes.

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Shecup L (L = Longer Stem) ? Recommended for New Users
Same size, capacity and softness as Shecup C but has a longer stem for better grip and silver glitter!


Health Grade Non-toxic
Non-Allergic Silicone


Light Pink


Only 1 standard size

Size Dimensions (+/- 0.05mm)
Length (Including Knob)
Length (Without Knob)
Diameter (Rim – External across the top)


Fluid Holding Capacity (Approximate)
Upto the air holes
Upto the rim


15 reviews for Shecup L (L = Longer Stem) – Recommended for New Users

  1. Mansoor Syed

    Best product ever….. I recommend this to all women. You will have never felt so clean during periods.

  2. Narashimana

    All ladies must try and have this one…..
    Nice one. Recommend for every one. First 2 cycles you may feel little uncomfortably if you it’s first time, after that this will be the best and most comfortable one.

  3. R

    This cup is a life changer! I brought this a year or so ago, and used it a couple of times. There is definitely a learning curve that needs to be tackled; it takes time to get used to the mess (and there WILL be a mess), there will be some leaks due to inexperience (I recommend wearing a soft panty liner), and it may feel strange.
    The removal is also a learning process and has felt strange to me every time I’ve done it. But then I think “I won’t have to even think about this thing for 12 hours” and I do it.

    But once I got used to it, I knew I would never want to go back to pads or tampons. For one thing, I get painful periods and the cup makes it easy for me to focus on taking rest, taking medicine, etc instead of worrying about leakage and stains.
    I can also workout with it, which is such a relief.

    Definitely do recommend this one! I know there are cheaper brands out there, but here you are paying for quality. And it is a one-time investment. Pitting less than two thousand rupees against the much higher amount I paid for pads and tampons yields an easy winner.

    TL;DR: environment friendly, pocket friendly, lets you go on with life without hassle, little bit of a learning curve, one-time investment

  4. Sonam

    Excellent cup, have been using it for over a year now. I have tried some other brands but this one has worked really well. I use the classic knob and it’s very comfortable and easy to use. I’ve excercised, run marathons and even trekked wearing this one. Highly recommended.

  5. Sandhya

    Best product ever…..
    The most amazing product ever. Easy to use and Eco friendly plus no leakages and break from problems of sanitary napkins

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