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Shecup L (L = Longer Stem) – Recommended for New Users

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Description: Shecup L (Longer stem for better grip) is a soft menstrual cup with long stem. It is made of High Quality Health Grade Silicone, Perfectly designed to suit women bodies at different Menstruating ages. The menstrual cup long stem is for better grip recommended for beginners. As one of the most trusted menstrual cup with long stem in India, Shecup is certified by the US pharmacopeia and are Recommended by Senior Gynaecologists.

? Health grade silicone menstrual cup with long stem – Shecup L (longer stem recommended for new users) US Pharmacopeia Certified

? The menstrual cup with long stem is Endorsed by Sr. Gynacelogists

? The menstrual cup with long stem is both High and Low Cervix Compatible

? The menstrual cup with long stem can be used Pre and Post Maternity (with C section)

? The menstrual cup with long stem is hygienic, Non-Toxic, Easy and safe to use

? As a reliable menstrual cup long stem, the cup can be sterilized

? Khadhi Cloth Bag, Shecup wipes and Instruction booklet

? The menstrual cup long stem is made from 100% High Quality Health Grade Silicone and Food grade dye

Key Benefits

The menstrual cup long stem has a myriad of benefits. Some of the most well-known benefits of menstrual cup with long stem in India are listed as follows:

? The menstrual cup long stem can be inserted easily

? The menstrual cup long stem is relatively easy to remove

? As compared to other menstrual cups, the menstrual cup with long stem in India is more convenient to wear and it doesn’t cause irritation.

? The menstrual cup with long stem in India is sustainable and reusable

? In addition unlike other insertable period products, the menstrual cup with long stem in India doesn’t possess the risk of infection or rashes.


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Shecup L (L = Longer Stem) ? Recommended for New Users
Same size, capacity and softness as Shecup C but has a longer stem for better grip and silver glitter!


Health Grade Non-toxic
Non-Allergic Silicone


Light Pink


Only 1 standard size

Size Dimensions (+/- 0.05mm)
Length (Including Knob)
Length (Without Knob)
Diameter (Rim – External across the top)


Fluid Holding Capacity (Approximate)
Upto the air holes
Upto the rim


15 reviews for Shecup L (L = Longer Stem) – Recommended for New Users

  1. Vaishali

    This is extremely comfortable cup…… I used this first time. This is extremely comfortable cup….you even don’t feel like your period are going on. Easy to wear and remove… you can use it while sleeping as well. Got ride of pads…

  2. Sonali

    Must buy…. simply amazing.. Total freedom..!! Frankly speaking I was skeptical to try it.. but one of my friend recommended it since she’s using it for a year now.. it’s an awesome feeling total freedom… no issues at all.. environment friendly… pocket friendly… you can swim, run.. do anything you want.. leak proof.. amazing fit…. easy to use… no rashes… odourless… must buy for every women…

  3. bhawna kapoor

    Best product every female should opt this. Very comfortable u don’t even realise that u r on periods . Echo friendly

  4. Rituraj Bordoloi

    Awesome….. Very nice

  5. Tina

    Love it….. Make my periods very hygienic and comfortable.

  6. Nilesh

    ….. Happy periods ….. No doubt it’s a wonder cup

  7. DR shyama baiju

    1st time user and I am hooked! One of the beat decisions i made in life… No more feeling uncomfortable due to pads and changing every 2 hrs on heavy days.. It was my 1st time using it… Initially it was a little tricky to insert so I tried it just few days before I got my periods. But during my periods it just slipped into spot and removing was also not as difficult as I thought.. initially i wore pads just to be on the safer side in case of a leak… But voilà no leak… Never going back to pads again! No worries when I stay over at relatives or friends places as pad disposal is always something we have to enquire…

  8. Anonymous Customer

    Go for it :)…..I used to be so afraid of using cups but giving it a chance changed everything about periods. It’s a bit tricky not difficult to insert for the first time. I tried it and I got it right, its neither too soft nor too much hard in terms of material. Once inserted u won’t even come to know that something is inside your body. I would recommend it to each and every women. Pads and tampons stands nowhere in front of shecup.

  9. S.S Roy

    nice product….. Product is nice, but it needs some practice and practice brings perfection and so comfort.. otherwise the product is nice and suction is good if you use it correctly.. which is a bit tricky.. Overall it is a different experience..

  10. Nistha Ghosh

    I recommend this to everyone…… This is my first time using. Need to refer to the manual over and over again. Little bit of leakage (due to not proper positioning, my inexperience). Very confortable. Doesn’t feel like u r using anything.

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