Why The Menstrual Cup Is a Good Choice for Outdoor Activities?

Menstrual Cup Is a Good Choice

Periods and outdoor activities are two words that never fit in the same pocket. If you want to be all outdoorsy, there is no way you would plan an adventure during your period. The cramps, mood swings, and not to mention incessant bleeding are no girlís dream companions for outdoor activity. However, if you are ready to make the switch from a conventional sanitary pad to†a menstrual cup for athletes, then activities like swimming or trekking can become a bit more comfortable. Wondering why? Hereís your answer!

No pre-planning

When you switch to a menstrual cup, you donít have to plan your trips around your cycle. No need to dread needing the toilet halfway up your trek or trip. All you need is one†organic menstrual cup in India,and you donít have to run packs of pills together or stock your bag full of disposable sanitary products. Menstrual cups have the potential to change your outdoor pursuits for the better, and they are an ideal alternative for those who are in love with the great outdoors.

Swimming made easy

Most women refrain from going to the beach or the pool when they are on their periods, but when you start using a menstrual cup; it would be a completely different story. With a menstrual cup, women can easily go swimming without fearing leaks or anything. Unless you arenít using your menstrual cup for more than 6-8 hours, go swimming without anything holding you back.

Conveniently firm

Once you get the hang of using a menstrual cup and find out what is your ideal fold, you would know how firm a menstrual cup forms a lock inside your vagina. You donít have to worry about the cup sliding or slipping like a sanitary pad. When you walk or trek, the cup would stay firm in its place for the better. They feel very clean while you are wearing them because all the liquid stays inside until you drain out the cup.

No waste

Menstrual cups arenít just cheaper than conventional period products; they are also more environment friendly. While you are outdoors, you donít have to worry about disposing of them. The cups are smaller and easier to pack than a massive supply of disposable period products and once you are done with the cup, you can store it in a breathable bag until your next cycle.


Menstrual cups have been around the corner for decades.†Organic menstrual cups in Indiaare a relatively new concept but for years the†menstrual cup for athleteshas been in use. To make menstrual cups a mainstream option, more and more women should be ready to embrace the shift.

Period cups are relatively more convenient and reusable. You can save a lot on the amount that you would be otherwise spending on the disposable period products, and in addition, you can save yourself from the irritation or itching caused by sanitary pads otherwise.

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