Breaking the chain of repeat buying of sanitary pads with reusable menstrual cups

reusable menstrual cup

As per some reports, a yearís worth of disposable period products leaves a carbon footprint of 5.3 kg CO2 equivalents. The average woman throws away about 250 to 300 pounds of pads, tampons, and applicators in her entire life†and all this contributes to a massive proportion of the landfill waste. You might be thinking that isnít there any alternative to stop this havoc on the environment? Well, there is. There are†reusable menstrual cupsthat can last for a year or two and women can use them as a sustainable alternative to disposable products.

But, the culture surrounding the use of sanitary products and the advertisements of course hold women back from using†Shecups. By falling prey to years of misleading branding, women live in the fear of exploring their biology. Brands fuel this fear by stating that products like menstrual cups are not convenient for usage. Brands power their myths associated with†reusable menstrual cupsto satisfy their marketing agenda. However, Shecups are better and more convenient than conventional sanitary products.

Why are there false myths surrounding the usage of Menstrual cups?

  • Due to a lack of awareness regarding menstrual hygiene.
  • Because of brands that use handpicked and one-sided statistics favoring disposable pads to suit their marketing objective.
  • Luring customers to fall into the trap of repeat buying so that customers buy their old sanitary products repeatedly.
  • Hesitation arises because of rumors that state that menstrual cups are inconvenient to use.
  • Companies claiming loss of jobs to create an emotional attachment for powering consumerism.
  • Taboos that assert menstrual cups as a product that can tamper the hymen and hence virginity.
  • Brands claiming how menstrual cups aren’t biodegradable and how they can harm the environment.

Why menstrual cups are the future?

Gone are the days when the work of women was only limited to household chores. Now women have reached the space, they are CEOs, they are hell-bent on making a future for themselves. During prolonged hours wearing a pad or tampon can be irritating and it can even lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome. But, menstrual cups are safe. As compared to disposable products, and†organic menstrual cupcan be used for long hours.

Also, there are times when your periods decide to show up unannounced and you donít have a pad at home. But as organic menstrual cups are reusable you wonít have to make the emergency sanitary pad run to your nearest store. You can clean the Shecup easily and they are quite convenient to use once you get the hang of them. Even if you want to go swimming or to the beach you can do so while wearing a Shecup.

The best bit is you donít have to live with the guilt of harming the environment when you switch to an†organic menstrual cup. All you need to do is to clean them vividly after your periods are over, store them in a breathable bag and they will be ready to use for your next cycle. Now, is that something that your disposable products can do?

Cherish your womanhood with Shecup

Remember those days when almost everyone around you said that you cannot do regular things just because you are on your period? Remember those times when people placed a huge question mark on the sanctity of your womanhood when you switched to a†reusable menstrual cup? Well, itís high time that you stop worrying about such things. You need to be proud of the woman that you have become and how far you have come in your journey of self-growth. Switch to†Shecupif you havenít yet and stop the chain of buying sanitary pads every month!

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