Effects of menstrual cycle on sports performance

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In a survey conducted across India, about 78% of girls drop out of school when they reach their menstruating age. Even though the statistics are largely confined to the rural regions the urban areas don’t show much deviation from the traditional facts.

When women are ruling the sky with their aims and ambitions, climbing Everest, and doing the unthinkable, some women athletes drop their dream of creating a future for themselves in sports due to their periods. This happens because they lack resources, knowledge, and of course, the proper training to improve their game while managing their period.

There are several sports that don’t often see female participation, however, swimming is on the top of the list. The reason is conventional thinking that disapproves of women athletes being able to perform while they are suffering from their periods. Thankfully, organic menstrual cups are a solution for this. Menstrual cup and sports have been intertwined since time immemorial. However now, the interdependence has become more evident with the resurgence of sustainable period management methods.


How can Shecup help swimming?

We all are familiar that swimming with a sanitary pad or tampon isn’t even remotely possible. In addition to the cramps, mental stress caused by hormones, and different metaphysical issues, the issue of leakage remains intact for women athletes who want to take up swimming as a career option. That’s when menstrual cup for athletes come into the bigger picture.

Though the cramps and mood swings have to be managed by proper training and medications, to stop the leakage, you can simply use a reusable period cup or Shecup. Menstrual cup for athletes or Shecups have this impressive capability to collect and store more period blood than the usual female sanitary products. They can prevent leakage once they properly form a seal in your cervix, and so there are zero risks of your period fluid leaking.

In a nutshell, you can swim when you are using a Shecup. Menstrual cup for athletes are extremely comfortable, and you won’t have to worry about it slipping or sliding sideways. The period cup stays firm after you wear it, and you can wear it for about 12 hours depending on the flow of your period. The best part is menstrual cup for athletes can be worn for long hours without the risk of irritation or TSS, and it is eco-friendly as well.


How the menstrual cycle and menstruation affect sports

Throughout the menstrual cycle, women experience a series of changes in their bodies. Starting from bloating and mood swings to tenderness in their breasts and cramps, the female body goes through a lot. Women athletes have to go through these series of changes along with their consistent and extensive training which is why Menstrual cup and sports have become quite the combination. The worst nightmare is leakage during the practice sessions, due to which most women refrain from playing sports. This issue can be battled by using menstrual cup for athletes.

However, menstruation must be no exception for leaving sports. If you love a game and are good at it, you can always play it despite your periods tormenting your ovaries. Even if you play a sport that is as intense as swimming, you can train harder, make your gameplay better and use a menstrual cup for athletes during your period to contain the period blood. Where there’s a will, there is a way.

Are you still on the fence about menstrual cup and sports? Do you want to find out why menstrual cup and sports are interdependent largely? Then search menstrual cup and sports now and get a Shecup as your first organic menstrual cup. Once you get the hang of it, there will be no backing out from menstrual cups.

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