How to Talk About Periods with Your Daughter?

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It might seem only yesterday when your little girl was hosting her tea party, but now she is blasting the latest hip song on her iPod, wearing braces, and talking to her friend about the hottest boy in school, Yes, the time has come to have “the period talks” with your little girl. Whether it is about explaining to her how a silicone menstrual cup works or inserting a menstrual cup for beginners, the most dreaded awkward conversation has to happen. But, fortunately, you can make it easy.


Yes, you heard it right! You can make the period talk a bit more comfortable.


#1 Check Your Own Opinion About Periods

Even if you had a daunting experience with your first periods, consider changing your opinion about aunt Flo. Every woman is different and they have their bodies work differently. If you think you are uncomfortable, try working with a storytelling attitude. Consider the fact that you can communicate a different story about what it means to grow up and experience normal and healthy body changes. You might have a less-than-ideal history with periods. But, this does not mean the same will be true for your daughter.


#2 Debunk The Myths and De-Mystify the Physical Details

There are lots of myths surrounding periods. When you are talking about menstruation, ensure to demystify such myths and emphasize that periods are not a disease. Make sure that you don’t represent periods like a window each month when your daughter is going to be sick. Represent periods like a monthly cycle, which it is.


#3 Explore Period Supplies Together

Go for period shopping together with your daughter. If your daughter finds periods gross or something weird, take her out shopping for period supplies. This might include tampons, pads, period panties, first-period kits, menstrual cups, etc. Explain how sustainable alternatives like menstrual cups are better and how each supply can be used.


#4 Explain The Process

Explain why, how, and when periods happen and what are the different things associated with periods. While you need not unearth the negative attributes, focus on showing the whole picture with the positives so that your daughter isn’t shocked later on.


#5 Teach Your Kid to Have Each Other’s Back

If your daughter is going to experience periods, then she is going to have mishaps and leakage. The same goes for other girls. So, teach her how to handle difficult situations like these and how to be there for other girls and women when they spot such a mishap.



Puberty is a difficult time and if you want your daughter to be confided instead of being confused, then the safe talk about periods can instill reasoning in your teen’s mind beforehand. Just find the right space and time and tell her that periods are a sign that her body is working properly.


Talking about menstruation early is always a good idea because girls get their first period as early as eight years old and as late as 15. So, have a silicone menstrual cup at home. Better if your daughter expresses interest in your feminine hygiene products and wonders what they are for be clear and accurate about inserting a menstrual cup for beginners. Give your daughter age-appropriate information and keep the conversation casual instead of a traumatic period talk involving cramps and discomfort.

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