Why Should We Use Menstrual Cup? Get Perfect Answers with 10 Reasons.

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Are you fed up with your pads and tampons giving you rashes throughout your periods? Do you want to be free from the monthly supply runs of pads or tampons? Well, itís high time you switch to the†best menstrual cupsin the market. They are cost-effective, sustainable, and more comfortable than pads and tampons. Wondering what makes menstrual cups a better alternative? Well, here are the reasons.


#1 Convenient

Do you always wet your tampon string while peeing? Do you hate it when your pads slip or slide when you sleep? Then itís high time you start searching for†how to insert a menstrual cup for beginnersor how to use one because they are better than disposable products.


#2 Great for Long Work Hours

The†best menstrual cupsare great for women who work long hours or have few chances of toilet breaks like retail staff or nurses. Wear the cup for as long as 8-12 hours and depending on your flow you donít have to worry about leakage.


#3 More Bag Space

If you are done with the extra pads or tampons in your bag, fret not! With a Shecup, you wonít have to carry around extra menstrual supplies in your bag. All you need is the Shecup that can be stored in a breathable cotton bag, and you will be ready for your monthly cycle.


#4 Less Waste, Good for The Environment

Do you know that a menstrual cup can last for up to 10 years, saving the planet of 2,700 disposable products? Now, think about all the applicators and plastic wrappers that come with using pads or tampons. A period cup reduces the environmental impact and wastage and the best part is you can reuse it after every cycle.


#5 Easy to Use

Contrary to the popular belief, menstrual cups are easy to use. Once you get the hang of using menstrual cups, they will be like second nature.


#6 A healthier vagina

Unlike pads and tampons, menstrual cups donít contain bleaches or toxins which means that maintain a healthy environment down there.


#7 No TSS Risk

The smooth material of a period cup is devoid of cotton fibers present in tampons and pads. Fiber shredding in these cups can cause TSS which is a life-threatening condition, but with cups, this wonít be an issue.


#8 No Flaps or Strings

The pesky flaps and strings that come with pads and tampons can cause chafing and discomfort. Blood can also leak towards the end of the flaps and strings and stain your panties. But the lack of all these issues is a great benefit of using a menstrual cup.


#9 Travel More Easily

Menstrual cups can last longer than pads and tampons, so you can travel easily without bringing your artillery or trying to find a changing station in any foreign land.


#10 No Bad Smells

Unlike absorbable period products, menstrual cups donít sink because they collect the flow instead of absorbing it.



Wondering†how to insert a menstrual cupor where to find one? Get a Shecup now! Asiaís first menstrual cup brand, Shecup is one of the†best menstrual cupswith long stems in India. It is great for the environment and extremely comfortable. Endorsed by senior gynecologists, shecup is certified according to the US Pharmacopeia Norms. So, did you buy Shecup yet?

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