How to use menstrual cup for beginners

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Taking a new step towards anything can be challenging, and trying out menstrual cup tips for beginners is no different. However, with thousands of women worldwide already using she cups and following menstrual cup tips for beginners, you can be sure that there is nothing to be afraid of. It can take you a couple of periods or maybe a few days to be comfortable with shecup. But once you do, you will always pat yourself at the back for making the switching. So, to help you out with the overall process, here are some tips on how to insert a menstrual cup for beginners. Let’s go.  


  • Read the instructions carefully

If you are searching about how to use menstrual cup for beginners or how do you use a menstrual cup for beginners, An obvious but also an important tip. Most of us tend to get too excited about the products we use for the first time. That makes us use the product in a not-so-proper way. So, before you use the cup, make sure you are reading the instructions written on the package. Every cup comes with its own set of instructions that you should strictly follow.


  • Follow proper hygiene

Following proper hygiene protocols are crucial for inserting a menstrual cup for beginners or removing it. You cannot use the product right away once you buy them. Take your she cup and boil it for a few minutes in water to ensure that it is properly sanitized before going inside your body. You should even wash your hands properly before using the cups to prevent any bacteria or dirt from contaminating the product.


  • Forget about previous habits

If you are a tampon user, you have to keep in -mind that a menstrual cup is different from tampons. The cup’s stem and the tampon’s string are not the same. Pulling the cup’s stem would not help you to pull out the cup easily. Pinch the cup’s base near the stem to break the suction force and pull it out. Otherwise, it would be an unpleasant experience for you. This is one of the basic techniques that most women get wrong while reading about how to use a shecup.


  • Do some practice beforehand

The best way to check whether you can use the cup properly is by taking a few test runs before your period starts. Contrary to popular belief, do not use lubricants for inserting the cup. Lubricants can cause infection and even affect your cup’s quality.


  • Maintain the angle

One of the essential tips that you should remember about how to insert a menstrual cup for beginners is that you have to get the angle right. Never insert the cup straight up into your vagina, as it can make you feel discomfort. Place your hand horizontally against your vagina and use a forty-five-degree angle for inserting the cup. Try to aim towards your spine’s base to ensure you have the correct angle. You can even try squat positions to fit the purpose.


Wrapping Up

So here are the four essential tips on how to use a Shecup that you should remember during your initial use. These menstrual cup tips for beginners would help you have a pleasant experience without having to face any hassle. Still have queries regarding how do you use a menstrual cup for beginners or how to use a menstrual cup for beginners? Then follow our blog!

Dont fall for myths, Insert your shecup right

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