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Nikita was excited to receive her package. After a ton of research, she had finally bought her first menstrual cup, and it had arrived just in time. She sterilized the cup and inserted it like she had seen in the how to insert menstrual cup videos.

“Well! That was easy. Don’t know why people make such a huge deal out of it”, she thought.

However, after a few hours, she could feel something was wrong. On checking, Nikita realized that she had been leaking. Quickly she removed it washed up, and changed into her a sanitary pad.

“That’s just not for me”, she thought.

A few days later, she shared her experience with a friend who had been using Shecup for a long time. 

“Don’t know how you use it. Menstrual cups are just not for me. It was uncomfortable and worst it leaked. You know maybe I have a low cervix! Should I buy a different size or brand?” Nikita asked her friend.

“Your cervix has nothing to do with using a menstrual cup. You must have worn it wrong. I am a long-time user of Shecup, and they are the best sanitary product you will ever find. No leak, no wetness, no rashes or odor. Did you insert it right? Forget about your experience; let me teach you how to insert Shecup properly to avoid leaks.”

Your Cervix is Not the Problem here Ladies!

There are a lot of brands that come up with multiple models and sizes in menstrual cups, claiming you need to buy one according to the placement of your cervix. It is the most misleading myth that has been creating a lot of confusion among buyers.

So, let’s get this straight for once and for all. Your cervix location, how lower or higher it has no role to play in the use of Shecup. It is another marketing gimmick used by brands to promote their products.

The leaking happens due to improper insertion of the cup or because of a sedentary lifestyle or natural delivery. It causes the pelvic floor muscles to become loose and it can’t hold the cup in place. Hence, Kegel exercises are recommended for that.

How to Insert Menstrual Cup along the Cervix

Now, let’s take a fresh look at “how to insert a Shecup”, ensuring a comfortable and leak-free period.

  • Clean your hands and sterilize the Shecup.
  • Place your index finger on the rim of the cup and punch down to a fold.
  • Now push it inside the vaginal canal.
  • Push it till the cervical opening (a fleshy part much like a donut-hole at the end of the vaginal canal, connecting the uterus to the vagina, which is easily traceable) and release the fold.
  • The cup will pop open, creating suction, locking the position.
  • Remember that the stem of the Shecup should be along with the opening of the vagina. 
  • Relax your pelvic muscles for the best fit and turn the cup gently, creating a seal. 

Once inside, you are good to go for 6 to 12 hours without any leakage.


The next month Nikita followed all the “how to insert menstrual cup” instructions given by her friend and wore the Shecup instead of using a sanitary pad or tampon. Thanks to her friend’s proper guidance, there were no leaks, only absolute comfort.

Try it yourself, and you will never have to go through another period of discomfort and inconvenience in your life.

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