The Best Menstrual Cup for Heavy Flow! What You Need to Know

Best Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups or female sanitary cups have been there for quite a while, but now their usage has skyrocketed owing to their myriad advantages. For women with heavy menstrual flow, finding the right menstrual cup can be a challenge. And if you are one of them and queries like menstrual cup how to wear, here are some factors you can consider before selecting a menstrual cup for heavy flow.

  • Capacity: When choosing a menstrual cup for heavy flow, it’s important to look for one with a high capacity. A cup with a capacity of 30ml or more is ideal for women with heavy flow. This will ensure that the cup can handle the volume of blood and prevent leaks.
  • Material: The material of the menstrual cup also plays a role in its effectiveness for heavy flow. Silicone is a popular material choice for heavy flow as it is soft, flexible, and can hold its shape. Latex is also a good option, but some women may have an allergy to this material.
  • Firmness: The firmness of the menstrual cup can also impact its effectiveness for heavy flow. A firmer cup may be more secure and prevent leaks, while a softer cup may be more comfortable. It’s important to find a balance between firmness and comfort that works for you.
  • Stem: The stem of the menstrual cup can be important for women with heavy flow. A long stem can help with removal, while a short stem can reduce discomfort. Some cups may also have a ball-shaped or flat stem for added comfort.
  • Size: Understand that size of menstrual cups is nothing but a marketing gimmick. Choose a brand that offers menstrual cups made from health-grade silicone. Those cups would be flexible enough irrespective of their size.

It’s a wrap!

Finding the best menstrual cup for heavy flow requires careful consideration of several factors, including capacity, material, firmness, stem, and size. It’s important to find female sanitary cups that provide enough protection and is comfortable to wear. Consider trying a few different cups and experimenting with different options to find the one that works best for you.

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