What Do Gynecologists Think About The Use Of Menstrual Cups?

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Menstruation is not an easy thing to deal with especially when you are a teenager. Burdened by self-consciousness and related issues, teenage girls prefer to stay home during that part of the month. But, that is not a practical thing to do. It is advisable to learn to manage menstruation-related hygiene requirements. If you are on the path to learning the same, take a clue from the points mentioned below that throw light on the utility and relevance of menstrual cups.

A menstrual cup, as you know, is a medical-silicone-based flexible cup that is to be inserted at the vaginal opening to collect the fluids at the exit point only. Thus, your private part is not exposed to pads and tampons that require frequent changing, failing to do that can cause vaginal infections. A menstrual cup offers a more convenient solution and helps maintain hygiene without bringing many changes to the usual routine.

Here are what gynecologists think about the use of menstrual cups. Their thoughts may help you understand the benefits if you are still skeptical about using these alternatives to pads and tampons.

  • Possible to Use from 15 Years of Age

Menstrual cups are meant for teenagers too, gynecologists suggest. There is no reason why a teenager should not try using these period cups. The material is very soft and unhurting; it is made of medical silicone, which is quite skin-friendly too. Thus, gynecologists recommend it for girls as young as 15 years of age. The earlier the adoption, the easier the adjustment is. Still, if any discomfort felt, there is always an option to talk and discuss and know correct way of using these cups.

  • Reusability Helps Follow Menstrual Hygiene Responsibly

The best thing about menstrual cup for teenagers is that it can be reused. You can learn how to empty the cup and clean it for next use. It is estimated that a cup can be reused up to 10 years if handled correctly and without exposing to much wear and tear.

Reusability makes way for sustainable hygiene practice. You are no longer responsible for brimming waste-fills of the city as you need not dispose of these cups after single use. So, when you want a eco-friendlier solution than disposable pads and tampons, you can check menstrual cup where to buy.

So, to adopt eco-friendly menstrual hygiene practice, gynecologists also find organic cups the best option. Hence, you can consider trying these cups as soon as the menstruation phase starts in your life. This little change can improve your menstruation experience and offer you all comfort you need.

Summing up,

Making decisions regarding menstruation hygiene products may seem tough at the start. It is advisable to talk to mother, friend or gynecologist to clear all doubts whatsoever. As per gynecologist recommendations, these organic cups are good and safe to use. The product design supports easy fitting in and allows you to stay outdoors for longer time comfortably.

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