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Here Are Some Reasons Why Your Menstrual Cup Might Be Leaking - Shecup

Here Are Some Reasons Why Your Menstrual Cup Might Be Leaking

Reasons Why Your Menstrual Cup Might Be Leaking

What are menstrual cups? Well, they are bell-shaped reusable devices that unfold in the vagina to stanch the menstrual flow. Just as effective as sanitary pads or tampons, the reusable menstrual cups are less expensive and more effective. Switching to sustainable period cups is great for your menstrual health as well as the environment, but it’s not the best feeling when your period cups leak.

Often women switch from disposable sanitary products and from disposable sanitary products to menstrual cups because they are afraid of menstrual cup leaking. However, let us tell you leaking menstrual cups are often caused due to the ignorance of wearers. If you find your period cup leaking you might have forgotten to empty it before it was full or the suction of the cup won’t be firm enough. Do you still have your doubts about why is my menstrual cup leaking? We might have some information for you!

Are you thinking do menstrual cups leak? The answer is yes. Cups might leak but only when you don’t use them properly or insert them in the right way. If you have searched for the “best menstrual cup in India”, have bought one, and now you are finding out that your menstrual cup is leaking, here are some reasons why.

  • You are using the menstrual cup newly

If you are new to the world of menstrual cups, then understand perfection is a steep learning curve. Beginners often have issues with using a menstrual cup and notice their period cup leaking because they have issues with the fold. Most beginners feel why is my menstrual cup leaking when all they need to work on is practising the fold and sealing the suction properly. If you are a newbie, initially handling a cup might be tricky, but later on, you won’t have to worry about your menstrual cup leaking.

  • The cup isn’t inserted properly

One of the most common reasons for a leaking menstrual cup is that your period cup isn’t inserted correctly. Menstrual cups are designed to stay firm, but you need to insert them properly. Relax your muscles and aim the cup towards your tailbone. Or you can also use the pus down fold as it is easy and more likely to work better.

  • You have failed to create a seal

Another reason for which you might find your period cup leaking is because you might have failed to create a seal. Even if you insert the cup correctly, you must create a seal. Without the seal, the cup will leak. To create the seal, insert your menstrual cup and turn the cup into one complete rotation by gripping its base.

  • Your menstrual cup is full

If you have been using the menstrual cup for more than 12 hours, it will start leaking unless you empty it. Some women experience heavier periods and they need to empty and clean their menstrual cups every few hours.

Handling Menstrual Cup Leaks during Exercise and Physical Activity

If you follow a rather active lifestyle and want some backup tips to preventmenstrual cup leaking during exercise or any other rigorous physical activity, here are some tips to handle leaks during active pursuits:

  • For one, ensure your cup is properly sealed before you engage in any physical activity. To do this run your finger around the rim of the cup and confirm if it has fully unfolded and created a secure seal against the vaginal walls to minimise the risk of leaks during movement.
  • If you want to surely avoid the case of a leaking menstrual cupduring workout sessions, empty it before exercise. If you anticipate a heavy flow or if it has been several hours since you last emptied your cup, consider emptying it before starting your exercise routine. This helps prevent overflow and potential leaks during intense physical activity.
  • Wear snug-fitting and moisture-wicking underwear that offers a secure fit. This can aid to keep your cup in place and reduce the likelihood of leaks. Some women also wear period-proof underwear or panty liners as an additional layer of protection and you can do that too.
  • If you want to prevent your period cup leaking experiment with the position of your menstrual cup. Consider adjusting the cup’s placement slightly higher or lower to find a position that offers better stability during the exercise.

Searching for more information on “why is my menstrual cup leaking”? The right thing would be to start with an open mind and experiment your way with different folds as you proceed.


If you don’t want to contribute to the global plastic crisis, start searching for the best menstrual cup in India right away. As per a popular report, Grove has removed about 3.7 million pounds of plastic from waterways since January 2020. Currently, plastic is one of the biggest global problems and when you are using any disposable period product, you are contributing to the problem.



#1 Can you tell me if menstrual cups are a good idea?

Menstrual cups are as effective at preventing menstrual flow leaks as pads or tampons. Instead, they are more effective because they don’t slip or slide and they can be used for relatively long hours without the fear of leakage.


#2 If someone is a virgin can they use a menstrual cup?

Absolutely, yes! Just like anyone else, virgins can use a menstrual cup without thinking twice about abstract stuff like virginity.


#3 Can menstrual cups get stuck?

The instances of having a menstrual cup stuck there are pretty rare. There is no need to be alarmed because once you get the hang of using a reusable menstrual cup you can easily use it without any inconvenience.

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