Menstrual Cups and Travel: Tips for Using Cups on the Go

Menstrual Cups and Travel

Travelling for women isn’t as easy as travelling is for men. Discovering new places, cultures and managing periods isn’t easy. The constant fear of leakage, cramps and changing sanitary pads every now and then isn’t easy. In addition, disposing of disposable feminine hygiene products is no easy feat either because throwing them anywhere is a massive red flag for the environment.

Every year thousands of sanitary pads and tampons get deposited in landfills and ocean beds, wreaking havoc on the microorganisms in soil as well as marine life. Fortunately period menstrual cups are a sustainable and convenient solution for every woman menstruating during their travel. How? Let’s find out! 

Why menstrual cups are your perfect travel companion?

How many times have you postponed a trip because the dates collided with your period dates? Well, every woman knows the woe of missing a trip due to the fear and discomfort of periods. If you are one of those women, a reusable period menstrual cup can be an excellent idea. For one, cups are sustainable, and you can reuse them. So, you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect place for disposing of pads or tampons. They can last for around two years when maintained properly, so you are saving the environment in the long run as well.

Menstrual cups are made from medical-grade silicone. Unlike pads that slip and slide or tampons that pose the risk of Toxic shock syndrome and irritation in your intimate area, cups don’t interfere with the pH of your intimate area. They are easy to use, and you can wear them for 8-12 hours, depending on your flow, without worrying about leakage. Just use the cup, empty it when you are done and store it for your next use. 

Tips for Using a Menstrual Cup on the Go

  • Packing Essentials

When preparing for your trip, include the necessary items to ensure a smooth experience with your menstrual cup. Pack a small, discreet bag to store your cup, along with a water bottle or wet wipes for cleaning. Try to maintain proper hygiene, especially when you might not have access to clean water or restroom facilities.

  • Mastering the removal and insertion techniques

Whether you are a beginner or have used a menstrual cup previously, try to familiarize yourself with ways of inserting and removing a menstrual cup to ensure a hassle-free experience. Wash your hands thoroughly before inserting or removing the cup and to get the cup out, gently squeeze the base. Empty the contents into the toilet, rinse the cup with water or wet wipes store it in a breathable bag. 

  • Dealing with public restrooms

If you count every woman’s nightmare, public restrooms would surely make it to the list. Using a public restroom during your period isn’t easy. Although the menstrual cup makes things easier, carry a water bottle for rinsing the cup and wet wipes during the trip. 

Your travel diaries should never be interrupted by menstruation. So pack your cup, explore the world and enjoy your adventures without your period woes! 

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