The Future of Menstrual Cups

The Future of Menstrual Cups

The menstrual cycle is the most challenging part of a woman’s life every month for around 3- 5 days. In some cases, it is not only physically challenging but also a mental challenge because of the hormonal imbalance they go through during this period.

So, by this we can figure out that how important it is for a lady going through this cycle to have proper sanitation conditions with some other essential requirements. But, still people and even the ladies themselves are not well aware of a lot of useful and important information they should know related to periods handling. This is the reason why people still hesitate to order menstrual cup.

What is the future of menstrual cups?

We can say that the future of menstrual cups is slow but is positive and bright. More and more people all around the globe are moving towards education. People are now more openly discussing taboo topics like periods, sex, etc. It can be seen people are getting to know about menstrual cups through word of mouth or by reading on the internet.

What the internet has to say about menstrual cups?

If we go by the data available online regarding searches of the word “menstrual cups” then the results found are very impressive. The search volumes of 2013 show that on the parameter of 100, searches for the term “menstrual cup” are 21. The same records, when checked 5 years later it, showed a significant rise to 83. Since the search volume has been increasing, even if people are not using these cups regularly, they are at least giving it a try for once, looking at the various benefits it is offering to them.

Advantages of menstrual cup usage leading to its bright future

 There are a lot of advantages of using menstrual cups over using sanitary napkins or tampons. Those advantages are as follows-

● There are different types of menstrual cups available in the market to choose from such as silicone menstrual cup, thermoplastic elastomer menstrual cup and latex menstrual cups.
● Menstrual cups are durable and reusable. So, if you switch to these cups, you will be investing less money as you will be able to use the same cup over and over again after cleaning it properly.
● Menstrual cups are mostly odorless, as they are away from the air. Such is not the case with napkins and tampons.
● Using menstrual cups is also environment friendly as those are reusable, therefore there is no waste coming from them for the landfills.

Conclusion –

So, all these advantages are promising enough for a good future of menstrual cups. There is already a significant rise in demand of the cups over sanitary napkins and other period options. Day by day more and more people are reading about the cups on the internet or are getting to know about it through some other source. People are more comfortable to buy menstrual cup and are more inclined towards the cups for various reasons of their own.

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