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Shecup L (L = Longer Stem) – Recommended for New Users

(14 customer reviews)

Description: Shecup L (Longer stem for better grip) is a soft menstrual cup is made of High Quality Health Grade Silicone, Perfectly designed to suit women bodies at different Menstruating ages, longer stem for better grip recommended for beginners. certified by the US pharmacopeia and are Recommended by Senior Gynaecologists.

✓ Health grade silicone Menstrual Cup – Shecup L (longer stem recommended for new users) US Pharmacopeia Certified
✓ Endorsed by Sr. Gynacelogists
✓ Hygienic, Non – Toxic, Easy and safe to use
✓ Can be sterilized
✓ Khadhi Cloth Bag, Shecup wipes and Instruction booklet
✓ Made from 100% High Quality Health Grade Silicone and Food grade dye


Shecup L (L = Longer Stem) – Recommended for New Users
Same size, capacity and softness as Shecup C but has a longer stem for better grip and silver glitter!


Health Grade Non-toxic
Non-Allergic Silicone


Light Pink with Silver Glitter


Only 1 standard size

Size Dimensions (+/- 0.05mm)
Length (Including Knob)
Length (Without Knob)
Diameter (Rim - External across the top)


Fluid Holding Capacity (Approximate)
Upto the air holes
Upto the rim


14 reviews for Shecup L (L = Longer Stem) – Recommended for New Users

  1. Mansoor Syed

    Best product ever….. I recommend this to all women. You will have never felt so clean during periods.

  2. Narashimana

    All ladies must try and have this one…..
    Nice one. Recommend for every one. First 2 cycles you may feel little uncomfortably if you it’s first time, after that this will be the best and most comfortable one.

  3. Katie

    I love Shecup. I bought one when I was in Auroville a few years back and now I’m buying another. It has revolutionized my period experience! I love the shape and quality.

  4. Sandhya

    Best product ever…..
    The most amazing product ever. Easy to use and Eco friendly plus no leakages and break from problems of sanitary napkins

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