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How to Use

Shecup can be comfortably used through teenage to menopause. Shecup is especially very convenient and comfortable, during peri-menopausal phase when the skin becomes dry and the flow becomes erratic. You can use it while at home, in school, in office, during travels, in the gym or sleep in it! Young girls and virgins may find it slightly difficult to wear the Shecup in the begining, but it eases with continuous practice and usage.


  • Wash your hands under clean running water.
  • Wash and the boil Shecup for 20 minutes in a pan of clean water to sterilise it. Please make sure there is enough water in the pan so you don’t burn out the Shecup.
  • If boiling water sterilisation is not possible then use the specially developed soap strip-Shecup WIPES, to sanitise the Shecup.
  • Wear Shecup immediately after sanitising. Do not keep it anywhere before wearing.


  • Hold the Shecup with clean hands. Place your finger on the rim of the cup and press it down inside.
  • ‘Punch Down’ fold recommended
  • With one side pressed inside hold the Shecup tightly so that the mouth of the Shecup is small making it easy to wear in the body.
  • Once pushed in, release the fold and you should feel Shecup pop open inside. Once it opens you may push it further in such that it creates a gentle suction and a proper seal so that there is no leakage. The knob of Shecup should be even with the vaginal opening.
  • If the Shecup does not unfold, try relaxing your pelvic muscles and using your index finger to check around the sides of the inserted Shecup.
  • It may be necessary to give Shecup a gentle turn in order to create the seal.


Gently wear the Shecup in your vagina.

  • The vaginal canal slopes upwards towards the bottom of your spine. If you’re unsure, first check with your finger. While wearing aim towards the tailbone of your spine and do not push in the Shecup horizontally or vertically. You may use one hand to open the labia and the other to wear the Shecup.


Push the Shecup inside your vagina as far as you are comfortable

  • Shecup will remain in the vaginal cavity; so do not hesitate while pushing it inside as far as comfortable.
  • When worn properly, you should not feel the Shecup inside you as it will mould to your body shape.
  • Wearing the Shecup is very liberating. Wear it at work, office, home or the gym. You can leave it on at night and sleep in it and even wear it while swimming.


  • Once worn, you can keep the Shecup inside for 6 to 12 hours as it can hold upto 28ml. The usage hours vary for each user depending on her flow. It could be less than 6 hours for users with heavy flow.
  • You will take 2 to 3 periods to understand the continuous usage time.


  • DO NOT try to pull out the Shecup it may cause discomfort.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with clean warm or cold water and soap.
  • Take any comfortable position. You can stand, sit on toilet or squat.
  • Insert your thumb and index finger to reach the knob.
  • Slide upwards and pinch the base of the cup gently to break the suction.
  • Remove, by tilting it sideways to release the air.
  • Empty the contents into the toilet/sink and wash the Shecup with Shecup wipe.


  • Wash Shecup with clean warm/cold water.
  • Take Shecup WIPE with a dry hand.
  • Wash Shecup with the Shecup WIPE to get a rich lather.
  • Rinse it well to clean it thoroughly.
  • Rewear the Shecup.
  • Wash your hands again.

Incase you need to clean and rewear the Shecup in a Public restroom:

  1. Wash your hands well
  2. Remove the Shecup, empty it and clean it with a tissue or with clean water – ensure that both water and tissue are unsoiled and free of dirt. You may carry a small bottle of clean water to the public restroom.
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