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About Us

We are a Social Enterprise working in the healthcare space. We conduct health and environment awareness programs and promote concepts which are not only health friendly but are also environmentally sustainable.

Our area of work is Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) and our educational programs are for girls/women both in the Rural & Urban sector. These programs are conducted in Educational Institutes, Women Social Groups, Housing Societies, Corporate offices, Medical Institutions etc. In these programs we impart education on the biological process of menstruation, the related health & hygiene issues, the myths around menstruation and how to manage health and hygiene during menstruation in a healthy and environmentally sustainable manner.


Our team comprises of all working professionals volunteering their time for the project. Anyone passionate about MHM, environment, health is welcome to join us to contribute their bit in making this planet a better place.


MHM Education and Cervical Cancer awareness & screening for sex workers:
November 2016, we have initiated a pilot project in Songachi, Kolkata (biggest red light area in Asia) for conducting MHM education and spreading awareness about cervical cancer with screening using Colposcope.

There are about 5,000 sex-workers in Sonagachi. So far, we have been able to collect data for about 1,400 sex workers. Started cervical cancer screening in February 2017 and have screened about 550 women till Sept 2017.


As another step towards making this planet better and greener; In early 2016 we started a tree plantation program. We do not plant trees and leave them to their fate but will nurture them for 3 – 5 years till they get rooted firmly and can survive on their own.

In the first program we’ve planted 7,000 trees in a rural place near Nagpur (Maharashtra).

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