1- HEALTH Shecup is a healthy and safe option

Shecup Pads/Tampons
  • Made of health grade non-toxic non-allergic silicone, hence there is no risk of infections or vaginitis.
  • Silicone is inert and smooth thus there are no problems like rashes & excoriation.
  • Shecup is a passive product, it only collects the menstrual flow and does not interfere with the natural normal functioning and cleaning process of the vagina.
  • Shecup can be worn for long hours without any health hazards like TSS as it is the only menstrual sanitary protection which can be easily sterilised (15 mins of boiling).
  • Made of synthetics, contains chemicals, additives or bleach which increase the risk of infections or vaginitis.
  • Leads to problems like rashes & excoriation, due to irritation caused by the rough texture.
  • Being active products, absorb the menstrual flow and also the essential moisture & secretions of the vagina thereby interfering with the natural normal functioning and cleaning process.
  • Can cause the life threatening Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) if not changed for long hours as these cannot be disinfected.


2- HYGIENE Shecup makes you feel clean

Shecup Pads/Tampons
  • Since made of silicone, can be sterilised, making it completely hygienic. Shecup wipes are provided to clean and sanitise Shecup before and after usage.
  • Since worn inside thus no unclean feeling and foul odour.
  • Cannot be cleaned/disinfected before usage thus do not assure of complete hygiene.
  • If worn for long hours then feels unclean and can cause foul odour.


3- CONVENIENCE Shecup is convenient and easy to use

Shecup Pads/Tampons
  • Is compact and reusable, hence there is no inconvenience of carrying or storing bulky products or disposing used ones.
  • Can be worn for 12 hours or more without any problems, as it can hold up to a quarter of the average monthly menstrual flow.
  • Inconvenience of being bulky to carry and to store and then disposing/cleaning the used ones.
  • Frequent visits to the washroom for changing.


4- COMFORT Shecup is soft and comfortable

Shecup Pads/Tampons
  • Becomes soft as skin with the body heat and completely adopts to the body.
  • Leaves no room for any leakage and hence no risk of stains.
  • Allows the user to wear the clothes as desired and also is suitable for nudist settings, since worn inside the body.
  • Allows the user to take up extreme physical activities and also swimming. Does not move out of place due to air-lock created while wearing.
  • Are very uncomfortable to wear, more so after absorbing the menstrual flow.
  • Can cause leakage / staining.
  • Very often do not allow user to wear the clothes that they like.
  • Causes discomfort of not being able to conduct physical activities like sports or work-outs with ease, especially swimming, since they are liquid absorbents. Shifting & movement of Pads in active life is always a worry.


5- ECONOMY Shecup helps you save money

Shecup Pads/Tampons
  • Is reusable and can last lifetime if used properly as instructed. Costs only INR 999, can be recovered in just about a year.
  • Also saves on Time and Energy.
  • Monthly spend INR 30 – INR 120 average annual spend for women with normal flow INR 600 – INR 700 + annual inflation factor.
  • Loss of Time and Energy.


6- ECO-FRIENDLY Shecup protects not just you but also the environment

Shecup Pads/Tampons
  • Shecup is reusable hence there is no waste adding to environmental hazards.
  • Takes hundreds of years to decompose. On an average a woman uses about 10,000 – 12,000 Pads / Tampons in her lifetime which requires about 250 Cuft. or more of landfill.