Can Shecup increase the size of the Vagina?

No. The pelvic muscles are very flexible and they accommodate Shecup easily. Body heat makes silicone soft, enabling Shecup to adopt the body structure after 20 to 30 minutes of being inside. Shecup is used for about six to seven days in a month, which is a short time for it to create any permanent impact on the size of the vaginal muscles.

Can Shecup move up inside the body? If yes, how far in?

Yes Shecup can move up inside the body. The vaginal cavity is about 4 inches deep with the Cervix on the top. So even if Shecup moves up it cannot go beyond the Cervix.

Can virgins use Shecup?

Yes. Virginity is not a barrier to using Shecup, but Shecup can rupture the hymen.

Can young girls use Shecup?

Yes Shecup can be used by young girls also. The vaginal muscles are flexible and thus Shecup can be used at a young age. But young girls may need proper guidance and initial hand holding as they may not be absolutely comfortable and conversant with their bodies.

Does Shecup obstruct urination or bowl movement?

The Shecup is worn in the reproductive cavity (vaginal cavity) which is totally separate from the urinary or the excretory cavities. The reproductive cavity is in the middle of the urinary and the excretory cavities.

How to remove Shecup if it moves up inside?

Most important – do not panic if Shecup moves up. It cannot go beyond the Cervix and disappear inside the body. To remove Shecup, sit in a squatting position and put a little pressure like you would during bowl movement. This will push the Shecup down, and you will be able to reach it easily by inserting 2 fingers.

How will I know when it’s time to empty my Shecup?

It’ll take a couple of cycles and proper observations to understand the wash time, which varies for each woman depending on the flow. During the initial cycles you will have to keep monitoring the flow collected in Shecup at regular intervals.